Homemade Baby Food

The Plan

While I was pregnant I would lie awake at odd hours of the night just totally awake. I figured this was preparation for night feedings. HA! That’s another story. However, during these times awake I would research everything pregnancy related. I don’t recommend doing this, there is some scary stuff out there. However I found a few good things and one of them was making homemade baby food. I decided I wanted was to try this with Lyanna.

I received the book The Amazing Make Ahead Baby Food Book, a silicone ice cube tray, and small food storage containers from a co-worker for my baby shower. With my Ninja blender and my trusty pressure cooker with a steaming rack I was all set!

The premise of the book is that in three hours you can make three months of baby food. With Lyanna present in our lives for 5 months at the time, I knew we wouldn’t have three hours to set aside. Instead we tackled our project one month at a time.

The Execution

Matt and I got to work preparing the fruits and vegetables we would introduce to Lyanna in her first month of eating solids.

While I peeled and cut the fruits and veggies, Matt steamed and blended them. Once a smooth consistency was reached we poured the blend into the ice cube trays and let them cool on the counter. The mush was piping hot but after its temperature dropped we placed the entire mold in a large ziplock bag and left it in the freezer to set. A few hours later we had baby food ice cubes, and lots of them! It was very simple and it was a project we enjoyed doing together.

The Results

Lyanna’s first food after oatmeal was sweet potatoes. I still remember the look on her face when she had her first taste. She seemed confused at first but then it seemed as though she realized ‘hmm this is pretty good.’ I tried all the flavors too. Some where delicious, some were pretty good, I’d eat them all.

Homemade Baby Food | North Loves South

The book provided a calendar which scheduled Lyanna to eat each food three to four times before introducing a new food. After sweet potatoes she tried sweet peas. The first day she did not want any part of them. I even tried mixing them with her oatmeal. She somehow sucked away the oatmeal and spit out the pea part. The next day she actually ate some. On the third day she ate all of her sweet peas! Next up, bananas! She loved them. She had a little previous experience with bananas because her grandpa gave her a little taste one day when mom and dad weren’t home. Let the spoiling begin!

Bananas are definitely her favorite. She went on to try butternut squash, apples, avocados, and carrots. She didn’t really like apples which surprised me because I love apples but she really enjoyed avocados which also surprised me because they seem like more of an adult flavor. My Mom couldn’t believe she didn’t like apples so while we visited New York she asked if Lyanna could try a jar of applesauce. She got her a jar of sweet potatoes just in case. To my secret joy, she didn’t like either. Mommy makes the best food I guess. ­čÖé

Besides my own lame confidence boosting, it just goes to show that Lyanna is her own person, and just because I like or do not like something doesn’t mean she will feel the same way. I will try my best to remember this, and give her the opportunity to make her own opinions on flavors without me putting my likes or dislikes in her head.


We have really enjoyed introducing her to new foods. The Amazing Make Ahead Baby Food Book┬áhas been great because it widend our vegetable choices. For example, I would not have even tried sweet peas with Lyanna, and forget about parsnips. I love the calendar too because sometimes when you have a billion things going through your head you jut need someone else to tell you what to do. ‘What are we feeding her today?’ ‘Uhhh… cherries!’ We have some good stuff in the future. Mangos and pears, yum. Kale is on deck too. I can’t lie, I’m skeptical about that one but I’ll let her decide!

Homemade Baby Food | North Loves South

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