Six Months


You have two teeth! You are just growing and growing. That’s because you are eating solid foods now. They aren’t really solid. They used to be solid and your Daddy and I ground them up so much that they turned into mush. You love sweet potatoes and avocados. Sweet peas and apples… not as much.


We celebrated my first mother’s day together. Thank you. I had a wonderful day and your Daddy spoiled me with lots of yummy food too. You are my daughter…

Your Gigi and Grandy came to visit and we had an awesome day out in the yard. The following weekend we went to the beer festival. Last year I hid that I was pregnant and PRETENDED to drink lots of beer only to surprise everyone at the end of the night by sharing with everyone that I was pregnant.


You also have taken an interest in your puppies. Gatsby is a good boy isn’t he? And it’s funny when Belle sniffs your butt. Just don’t pull on their ears too hard. You are a happy girl and you make me smile every day. I can’t help but kiss your soft chunky cheeks.

Speaking of cheeks, that is what your babysitter Jessica calls you. You are a hit at the Hutter house so I am told. She also tells me the kids call you Lee Lee. Aren’t you just so cute in every way?

I love you,



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