The Things We

Hi and welcome to

North Loves South

My name is Fallon and I am glad you visited my site. Here on North Loves South I share with you the things we do, eat, celebrate, and love. 

Where did North Loves South come from? A few years ago I was an enthusiastic Stony Brook University college graduate who was eager to begin a career in teaching! Two years later and still jobless I decided I had to make a change and applied for jobs out of state. It was terrifying and exciting at the same time! A real life roller coaster.

I landed a job in Virginia and moved down south. Being a first year teacher is rough. I had little time for a personal life. Grade tests, make PowerPoints, sleep, repeat! After I had a year under my belt though, I was ready for more. In comes Matt. Don’t tell anyone, but we met online! Shh! It’s our secret. πŸ˜‰

Matt is my husband and is the love of my life. He loves me, makes me laugh, and supports me through my successes and failures. Even more than that, he is the father of our amazing little girl Lyanna. Her life is a blessing and there is nothing better than being her parents. We are so fortunate.

Matt, Lyanna and I live in a full house. We share our home with two adorable, and energetic boston terriers. Gatsby is my sweet loving boy and Belle is my determined snugly girl. Also roaming in our backyard are our chicken Bre.

Life is great!

So I came around to blogging because…

Somewhere between the move, the job, the husband, and the baby, I decided I want this to be documented. I started this with one vision and had to take a break. But now with new clarity and direction I am ready to this this again, but this time it is for me. This blog is my virtual scrapbook. It’s a collection of my thoughts, feelings, and favorite things. 

Thanks for checking out North Loves South. I hope you enjoy what you find. πŸ˜€

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10 thoughts on “The Things We

  1. CyndelBee says:

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